Destined For Love That Is Unshaken

One of the most challenging question and significantly thoughtful is: where do we (humans) come from, and where are we destined to? Though, I am strongly convinced that if you’re a religious or spiritually focused person, then you more or less have the bigger picture in mind – i.e. where you come from and where you’re heading to after death. 

Nevertheless, it’s still challenging to ponder or meditate over such question to knowing and understanding every detail involved. In particular, when the ‘Why’ dimension is added – why are we here on this earth (only), but why it is the choice between Heaven or Hell afterward? Bear with me that I’m reflecting on my Christian faith, and it’s beyond this article to consider other religious or spiritual belief on this matter.   

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Love is in the air, or in the heart?

There is no doubt that Love is among the top desires of human pursuit. As water quenches (satisfy) our thirst, so does Love seems to satisfy our desires. Without it, things become miserable. In light of this, love is a vital necessity. In terms of ranking human needs, I’m convinced that it is the number one. You were welcome in this world with love, and will depart with love. In between such period, sometimes love seems to vanish or tends to be something else. To some, the goodness associated with love becomes like sour medicine. So many phrases are just made up to describe such moments in life. For instance, ‘love is bitter’, ‘love is wicked’, ‘love is painful’, ‘real love doesn’t exist’, and many other things. The bottom line question in most minds continues to be: where is love? Continue reading “Love is in the air, or in the heart?”

Grace: unbounded in life complexity

The enlightenment of the day brings forth its own issues.

Therein are also various forms or levels of choices to make.

Wherein our values guide us to tap into the opportunities it presents.

Herein lead to growth in life – both inner and outer.

Thereover humility and pride call in to take the seat of glory.

Whereover one leads to favour and the other to destruction.

Hereinto peace or conflict in life abound.

Inasmuch as the Grace of God is renewed upon us everyday, we are to live gratefully; and through love, encouraging one another to tap into this divine source of peace.

Moral Story: Anchor of Life at a Glance

Stories are great to connecting dots. As Steve Jobs puts it, we can’t connect the dots looking forward; we can only connect them looking backwards. Connecting the dots in this context actually means understanding the relationship between the different ideas one has been exposed to or the experiences one has been through. In a simple terms, something needs to be connected to something else. Therefore, it’s apparently not possible to connect oneself to himself or herself. Continue reading “Moral Story: Anchor of Life at a Glance”