Destined For Love That Is Unshaken

One of the most challenging question and significantly thoughtful is: where do we (humans) come from, and where are we destined to? Though, I am strongly convinced that if you’re a religious or spiritually focused person, then you more or less have the bigger picture in mind – i.e. where you come from and where you’re heading to after death. 

Nevertheless, it’s still challenging to ponder or meditate over such question to knowing and understanding every detail involved. In particular, when the ‘Why’ dimension is added – why are we here on this earth (only), but why it is the choice between Heaven or Hell afterward? Bear with me that I’m reflecting on my Christian faith, and it’s beyond this article to consider other religious or spiritual belief on this matter.   

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Moral Story: Man, the Horse, the Ox, and the Dog

Stories are great for connecting or bringing ideas – abstracts – to something meaningful in reality. In other words, they are effective in explaining and understanding ‘complex’ issues. Although not all stories are real, example fictions and fables, but they are powerful to simplifying concepts. The story below is from the Aesop Fables. It is a moral story which basically concludes that the blessings from acts of kindness are beyond tangible or material things, and thus we may not physically see but we enjoy them proportionally throughout our lives. Continue reading “Moral Story: Man, the Horse, the Ox, and the Dog”

New Beginning As A Reflection Point


In life, we all like surprising moments. Be it a vacation to a new place, career advancement or promotion, gifts from loved ones etc. The effects of such moments make us sometimes to wonder why we deserve them or what did we do? Well, that is part of the essence of life. If you do good, you do it for yourself. As it is written in Proverbs 11:17, “the merciful man does good for his own soul, but he who is cruel troubles his own flesh”.

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Life Note: Living By Faith

LiveByFaithLiving by faith is really important for humanity, a foundation for the actions we take in life. Hebrews 11 gives an account of great people of God in the old testament, even including ordinary people, that through their faith, they and their future generations received a great reward from God Almighty. This chapter is indeed a lengthy one concerning the merits of living by faith. There are 40 verses, and 37 of them offer examples from the creation Continue reading “Life Note: Living By Faith”

Life Note: The Way of Love

One of the greatest message in the Holy Bible says we don’t owe anything towards anyone, but to love one another. In 1 Corinthians 13, we are taught the most excellent way of LOVE. Some believe love is complicated, although beautiful. In my opinion, the beauty of anything to the beholder is perhaps not that complicated. Therefore I think the word, complicated, is sometimes misinterpreted and classified in that context as something dubious, unpleasant or unstable instead of something which is difficult to analyse or understand. Continue reading “Life Note: The Way of Love”

Knowledge Without Understanding is Peril: Using the Banking Industry as an Example.


Knowledge without understanding is powerless, thus making it very peril. We normally say knowledge is power. Of course, majority of individuals believe that having knowledge makes someone powerful. A simple argument supporting such claim within a business context is for example, a seller has more knowledge about what he/she is selling than the buyer looking to purchase the product. In this case, the one who possesses most knowledge is powerful. Continue reading “Knowledge Without Understanding is Peril: Using the Banking Industry as an Example.”

Life Note: Perseverance

rough or smooth

As we say you never step in the same river twice, so does every destination apparently not travelled using the same route. Sometimes, it is tempting to take the shortcut, but do you really learn or experience new things along the way? I guess NO!, and even if you do, it may not be that great compared to someone who diligently did the opposite. As such, whenever you are faced with another challenge in the future, how will you cope with unfamiliar or similar circumstances? After all, we learn from the past to correct the future. Continue reading “Life Note: Perseverance”